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Click here to view The Power of One Website to find out more about becoming a Partner Store! 



The Power of One is a community of like-minded individuals in Harlem who own independent businesses and have come together to offer a simple solution to help Harlem remain viable. For a single dollar you can get discounts at over 25 stores in the Power of One Program to help you stretch that holiday budget.

But bigger than the $1 is the spirit of collaboration, unity and self-sufficiency that is at the heart of the Power of One. Please visit our website and join Dr, Cornel West, Ed Gordon from Black Enterprise Our World, Russell L. Goings, Founder of Essence and First Chairman of the Studio Museum, Lisa Cortes Executive Producer of Precious, Melvin Van Peebles, Director and others as they tell you the value of your $1 and what the Power of One means to them. 


Go on The Power of One website to hear The Power of One song sung by from Harlem's own Tamara Tunie.  So many people have come together to stand with us and to make a difference. Together we can be the change we want to see.  



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