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Continental Drift

Continental Drift
The African-African American Experience
By FitzGerald Chinemerem Ajoku


African-African Americans.  No. That’s not a grammatical error.  That is a phrase Ajoku created to describe those such as himself.  American Born African (ABA), the more nationally specific American Born Nigerian (ABN) or Liberian African American (LAA) for instance are interesting phrases but what do they mean?  
They are phrases invented by first generation American born offspring of African parents to identify themselves.  They resemble phrases like New Yoricans and Jamericans used by some Puerto Rican and Jamaican American youth.  A voice for a formerly invisible segment of the American population that is rapidly expanding and now coming of age is forthcoming in Continental Drift: The African-African American Experience.
Chronicling Ajoku’s journey of self discovery, this book is a vivid narrative that recounts his growing up as the son of Nigerian immigrants in New York.  It will enlighten the reader about pressing issues with a sense of urgency, yet dazzle them with a sprinkle of humor and satire.  

Who will absolutely love Continental Drift?  
1.    It will be a breath of fresh air for sons and daughters of all black immigrants from the Caribbean to Africa, as well as black Americans.  
2.    Everyone!  The United States is a melting pot.  This book is a must have for sons and daughters of immigrants from any country who will find it useful in their own soul searching.

Continental Drift

Through analyzing some of Ajoku’s life experiences along with anecdotes and sociopolitical commentary, this inspirational read engages a variety of topics.  Among them are: Tensions between the African and African American communities, our role and obligation to the motherland as Africans in the Diaspora, stereotypes, preserving culture, and avoiding what he calls the Continental Drift.  This is not referring to the separation and dispersal of land masses over time from the super continent Pangaea.  The term is used to describe alienation from the mother continent.  More precisely a mental and emotional deviation and detachment from one’s roots, as globalization provides opportunities for individual advancement.
Continental Drift taps into the needs, desires, and fears of all ethnic groups.  In addition it introduces the world to new concepts in racial identity and acknowledges the presence of a fairly new demographic that the general public may have been oblivious to.  
The vital information contained in this book speaks to the contemporary youth more so than other works of the same nature that are told from the perspective of people our parents age.  Continental Drift provides a greater level of depth to the black immigrant experience in the United States.  It relays pertinent information that will assist the community in gaining or maintaining a level of consciousness and knowledge of self.  That will in turn help African-African Americans to navigate properly in the best of both worlds.

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