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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Hue-Man Educator and Non-Profit Program?

A: Educators and
non-profit organizations receive 25% discount off list prices. We will set up
special summer sku’s online for your students.


Q: What is a Pop up signing?

A: We have partnered
with businesses and organizations around the city to host our authors in new
and exciting ways.


Q: How can we schedule a pop up signing?

A: Send us a proposal
on your idea for a cool and unique signing and we'll see how it fits our pop up


Q: Will the new pop up format always be a paid event?

A: Often but not always.
Our lunch and learn series, seminars and some celebrity signings will often
have a charge which will include a copy of the authors book.


Q: Do you support conventions and special events?

A: Yes. We support
Expo's, Conventions, Conferences and Book Events. We have supported Essence,
100 Black Men of America, NABJ, the Missouri Black Expo, the Anguilla Tourist
Board, the Jamaican Thought Leader conference, the Harvard Charles Hamilton
Institute, to name a few. We are happy to support your organization.


Q: What is Hue-Man’s affiliation with the Publishing
imprint Open Lens?

A: Hue-Man per say is
not affiliated with Open Lens...Marva Allen Hue-Man's Online founder is a
founding partner of Open Lens.


Q: Tell us about your Affiliate Program.

A: We encourage authors
and resellers to become an affiliate with Hue-Man. Get paid every time someone
buys a book from your site and we fulfill it.


Q: Is Hue-Man online the same as Hue-Man Bookstore

A: No.  Hue-Man Bookstore was closed in July of 2012.  The only commonality is that Marva Allen was a partner in the legendary bookstore.  Hue-Man Online is a seperate venture and initially we kept the Hue-Man name for continuity but that will change as we redefine our vision.


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