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Full Circle

Carin Douglas is a fearlessyoung girl, thrust into the role of a stickup kid alongside Brooklyn’s mostnotorious thugs. She learns to fight, to survive, and ultimately to shinethrough a series of events that take her from a young black girl on the vergeto a designer-clad diva with a hot car, an even hotter man, and a milliondeadly skeletons in her closet.

When Carin meets Monty, aka“Money Monty,” he sweeps her off her feet with one romantic gesture afteranother. Monty is a sexy, powerful man with that legendary Brooklyn swagger andmore money than most of his peers in the street. Their urban fairytale soonerupts into passionate sex, bold power moves, and eventually, devastating physicalviolence. When things get explosive, Carin is reminded of the love she knowsMonty feels for her and the lavish lifestyle he’s showered her with. But willthat be enough to save them?

Carin and Monty’s lovecomes Full Circle in this epic story of love, loss, pain, and forgiveness. InAyana Ellis’ second novel, she raises the bar, exposes some ugly truths, andshines a spotlight on the painful reality of domestic abuse. All that glittersisn’t gold in this new novel that is sure to have readers talking for years tocome.

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