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Stealing Candy

"StealingCandy" by Allison Hobbs is a shocking novel about human sex trafficking.Three teenage girls from very different backgrounds have been abducted by apimp who refers to them as "his candy" while treating them withcruelty and contempt. Routinely battered, emotionally manipulated, the girlsare brainwashed into accepting sexual servitude as their hopeless plight inlife. Saleema Sparks has made it her life's mission to provide a sanctuary fortroubled teen-age girls. With dwindling personal funds, she may have to closethe doors to her one-woman operation--Head Up--a safe haven for young women incrisis. But when Portia, a member of Head Up, goes missing, Saleema does notaccept that the troubled teen is simply a runaway. She is compelled to look forPortia, forcing an apathetic community to open their eyes and lend a hand inthe search for the abducted teen. But can she help Portia and the othersex-trafficked girls break free from the malicious pimp who has abducted them?Determined to save three young lives, Saleema risks everything to get the girlsout of the pimp's murderous grasp.

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